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The Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA), is one of the oldest and largest academic entities in the country. Philology is understood her in the continental sense of the  study of both language and literature. The Faculty is concerned specifically with the Greek language and literature of all periods (Archaic, Classical, Byzantine, and Modern, as well as Folklore). These were among the main fields of study of the School of Philosophy since its foundation as part of the new "Othonian University" in 1937 (or the last day of 1836, according to the Julian calendar then in use in Greece) along with the Faculties of Theo­logy, Law and Medicine. The classical orientation of western education in general, along with the importance of the linguistic and literary tradition for the national identity of the newly founded Greek state gave Philology a leading role in the scholarly and educational course of the nation. In fact, during the first decades of the University's existence, Philology, History and Archaeology, formed the curriculum of an extra year of study, compulsory for all students of the University who had not chosen them as their main field.





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