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Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology

Modern Greek Literature 2020-2021

Compulsory Courses

ΦΝ105 Modern Greek Literature - Semester 01

Nadia Fragkouli

This course serves as an introduction to the primary methods used in the study of Modern Greek literary texts, while also familiarizing students with the basic tools they will need for this endeavor (Libraries, online catalogues, digital resources, reference books etc). The first few courses will, thus, be dedicated to the introduction to Modern Greek Literature as a scientific discipline. We will then move on to apply the aforementioned methods to the study of abstracts from key prose and poetry texts of the twentieth century. In particular we will study abstracts of Kosmas Politis’ novel Eroica (1938), and selected poems from the mature poetry of Giorgos Seferis, from Mythistorema (1935) and Kihle (1947) in particular, as indicative of the poetics of the 30’s generation in prose and literature. Finally, we will apply the acquired methods and tools to the study of abstracts from the 1955 novel by Andreas Fragkias Antropi ke Spitia (Of Men and Houses), along with selected poems by Aris Alexandrou, Manolis Anagnostakis and Titos Patrikios, as indicative of the themes and tropes of Modern Greek postwar literature.

ΦΝ208 Modern Greek Literature: 19th and 20th c. - Semester 07

Dora Menti

The objective of the course is the examination of the history of Modern Greek Literature, in terms of its historical evolution and the development of literary movements, focusing on the period 1820-1970. Important texts of poets and writers of the period will be examined. Indicatively the poets: K. Palamas, C.P. Cavafy,  G. Seferis, O. Elytis, Y. Ritsos. Respectively the following writers will be examined: A. Papadiamantis, K. Theotokis, M. Axioti, Al. Kotzias. A digital anthology of the relevant texts will be provided.

ΦΝ210 Modern Greek Literature: 19th and 20th centuries - Semester 08

Yannis Xourias

The course examines Modern Greek poetry and prose in the 19th and 20th c., focusing on the analysis and interpretation of texts characteristic of the period.


Elective Courses

ΚΦΝ08  Comparative Literature - Semester 05

Lito Ioakimidou

After an introduction to the discipline of Comparative Literature and a presentation of its scientific interest in Literary Genres, the course focuses on the study of the short story, through its main generic features on a theoretical level, but, at the same time, through specific examples. The course also includes an account of the evolution of the short story in western literary production, from Renaissance to contemporary expressions, insisting on the landmarks of its history and progression. The selected literary texts develop questions of the realistic, naturalistic and modernist short story in Modern Greek and in some foreign literatures.

ΚΦΝ09 Theory of Literature - Semester 05

Peggy Karpouzou

Introduction to Theory of Literature. The concept of literature. Overview of Modern Literary Theories of the 20th Century: Formalism, New Criticism, Structuralism, Semiotics, Reading Theories, Marxist Criticism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, Cultural Criticism. The basic terms and concepts of each theoretical school are critically examined through theoretical texts (R. Barthes, U. Eco, R. Jakobson, M. Bakhtin, V. Shklovsky, C. Levi-Strauss et al.). Indicative application of G. Genette’s narrative typology in Stratis Tsirkas novel, Drifting Cities.

ΚΦΝ10 - Modern Greek Literature of the 19th c. ΙΙ - Semester 06

Maria Rota

The course examines the innovative trends in prose writing from 1880 to 1900 (the previous literary tradition, the stream of ethography, the new literature forms, the basic characteristics of this prose).

ΓΦΝ07  Modern Greek Literature 19th c. I - Semester 07

Euripides Garantoudis

The aim of the course is to present representative texts of Greek poetry of the 19th century and more specifically of the period 1820-1880. Specifically, from a historical, gramatological and aesthetic point of view, representative poetic texts of the main poets of the Ionian and Athenian poetic tradition will be analyzed, with emphasis on the work of Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos. Secondly, poetic texts by Aristotle Valaoritis, Panagiotis Soutsos, Alexandros Rizos Ragavis, etc. will be examined.

ΚΦΝ12  Modern Greek Literature of the 20th c. I - Semester 07

Euripides Garantoudis

The aim of the course is to analyze aesthetically and to include in their historical and gramatological context poetic texts of Greek poets of the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, who live and create until the interwar period. I have chosen to examine some poets with a greater emphasis than others judging, on the one hand, the criterion of linguistic quality and recognition of their work and on the other hand, on the fact that they represent basic versions of the evolution of Greek poetry during the examined period. The poets examined are primarily K.P. Kavafis and secondarily Kostis Palamas, Angelos Sikelianos and K.G. Karyotakis. In the context of the course, the co-examination of the work of the above poets will be attempted, so that their parallel response to the aesthetic trends and the historical and social conditions of their time can be perceived.

ΚΦΝ13  Modern Greek Literature, 20th c. ΙΙ - Semester 07

Thanassis Agathos

The course focuses on the Modern Greek prose fiction of the first decades of the 20th century and the various trends that influenced the prose production. Representative texts of the period (by Xenopoulos, Theotokis, Chatzopoulos, Kazantzakis) are discussed.

ΚΦΝ15 Modern Greek Literature 20th century III - Semester 08

Nadia Fragkouli

In this course we will study the poetry of the Thirties Generation as a significant milestone in the History of Modern Greek Literature. We will also discuss the ways it was perceived by Greek intellectuals, while also comparing the Greek phenomenon to its western counterpart, as expressed in the European and American literary texts of high modernism. The definition of modern poetry by Nasos Vagenas, along with the traits of modernist poetry, will serve as a tool for the study of selected texts by poets of the Thirties Generation. Key concepts attributed by literary scholars to the poetry of this generation will also be addressed (i.e. mythical method, intertextuality, Greekness, surrealist traits). Finally, we will examine how poets of the Thirties Generation relate to other art forms (painting, cinema, music), while elaborating on the methodological prerequisites for any interart study.

ΚΦΝ16  Modern Greek Literature, 20th c. ΙV - Semester 08

Thanassis Agathos

The course investigates the ideological and aesthetic orientations of the Greek prose fiction writers of the Generation of the 1930s, provides analysis of representative texts (by Myrivilis, Theotokas, Terzakis, Politis, Venezis, Karagatsis, Nakou and others) and, finally, examines their critical reception and position in the Modern Greek literary canon.