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Department of English Language and Literature

Modern Greek Literature 2020-2021

Elective Courses

ΕΥ02 Modern Greek Literature: 19th or/and 20th. c. - Semester 01

Maria Nikolopoulou

The objective of the course is to examine Modern Greek texts from the 19th and 20th century which thematise Victorian England, such as the short stories by A. R. Rangavis. It will also explore texts which are in dialogue with English or American literature, such as short stories by N. Episkopopoulos or poems by Κ. Kariotakis, G. Seferis, A. Empirikos and their relation to E.A. Poe.

ΕΝ10 Modern Greek Literature: 19th and 20th. c. - Semester 02

Dora Menti

This course examines the Modern Greek poetry of the post-war period, focusing on the different literary movements and the poets’ response to the historical experiences of the period and to their poetic predecessors. Representative text of the poets M. Anagnostakis, N.A. Aslanoglou, Κ. Dimoula,  Ν. Karouzos, Μ. Katsaros, Τ. Leivaditis, Β. Leontaris, Μ. Meskos, Τ. Patrikios, Μ. Sahtouris, Τ. Sinopoulos. Respectively  text of  the ’70 generation poets will be examined (N. Vayenas, J. Mastoraki, J. Patilis, L. Pulios).