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Department of Educational Studies

Modern Greek Literature 2020-2021

Compulsory Course

ΦΝ105 Modern Greek Literature - Semester 01

Nadia Fragkouli

This course serves as an introduction to the primary methods used in the study of Modern Greek literary texts, while also familiarizing students with the basic tools they will need for this endeavor (Libraries, online catalogues, digital resources, reference books etc). The first few courses will, thus, be dedicated to the introduction to Modern Greek Literature as a scientific discipline. We will then move on to apply the aforementioned methods to the study of abstracts from key prose and poetry texts of the twentieth century. In particular we will study abstracts of Kosmas Politis’ novel Eroica (1938), and selected poems from the mature poetry of Giorgos Seferis, from Mythistorema (1935) and Kihle (1947) in particular, as indicative of the poetics of the 30’s generation in prose and literature. Finally, we will apply the acquired methods and tools to the study of abstracts from the 1955 novel by Andreas Fragkias Antropi ke Spitia (Of Men and Houses), along with selected poems by Aris Alexandrou, Manolis Anagnostakis and Titos Patrikios, as indicative of the themes and tropes of Modern Greek postwar literature.