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Euripides Garantoudis

Professor of Modern Greek Literature



Faculty of Philology, Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Philology 
UOA, University Campus, Zografou
157 03 Athens
tel.: +30-210-7277625 (Office 605)

Office hours: Please contact me by email.


Euripides Garantoudis (Kavala, 1964) is currently a Professor of Modern Greek Literature in the Department of Philology of the University of Athens and he has been working as a member of the Greek Open University for the last 12 years. He worked for three years (November 1986 - October 1989) as a lecturer at the ‘Istituto di Studi Bizantini e Neogreci’ of the University of Padua teaching Greek Language and Literature. He has written or edited 24 books in his field, and has published over 250 papers in journals and collective volumes. He has participated in 51 local and international conferences and in 12 research projects in Greece as a scientific officer or researcher. He has been elected at the place of the special secretary of the Greek Comparative Literature Association for the past 9 years. He translated in Greek the ‘Ed è subito sera’ by Salvatore Quasimodo and selected poems by Cesare Pavese.

For further information see: https://uoa.academia.edu/EvripidisGarantoudis/