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Ekaterini Chani

Lecturer in Modern Greek Literature



Faculty of Philology, Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Philology 
UOA, University Campus, Zografou
157 03 Athens

tel.: +30-210-7277371 (Office 604)

Office hours: During the examination period from 12/6 to 07/07/2017, please contact by email


Ekaterini Chani is working as a lecturer in the Section of Modern Greek Literature, Department of Literature in the University of Athens. Her research work is focused on surrealistic poetry and Greek poetry of the 30’s in general. Her teaching covers poetic production in the 20th century. Her teaching subject has also been: “Poetic production in the Turkish occupied regions of Greece (folk and personal)”.

She has published:

«The relation among three poems by O. Elytis», Παρουσία, vol. Ε, 1987, U.o.A.

«”Ecriture automatique” and the poem “Lime” from “Blast-furnace”», Παρουσία, vol. ΙΑ’ – ΙΒ’, U.o.A, 1997

«On the poetics of N. Egonopoulos», Επιστημονική Επετηρίδα της Φιλοσοφικής Σχολής του Ε.Κ.Π.Α, vol. ΛΘ’, 2008.                 

«A theory experiment on”Gasoline”», Παρουσία, vol. ΙΘ’ – Κ’, U.o.A, 2010

«The outfall of rhetoric in semantics» - through a tracing of the poetics of O. Elytis-, Liberal Books, Athens, 2013.