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Christina Dounia

Associate Professor of Modern Greek Literature



Faculty of Philology, Department of Medieval and Modern Greek Philology 
UOA, University Campus, Zografou
157 03 Athens

tel.: +30-210-7277632 (Office 604)

Office hours: Wednesday 15.00-16.30.


Christina Dounia is Associate Professor of Modern Greek Literature at the University of Athens. Εducated  at the University of Athens,  she was postgraduate student at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, EHESS (=School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) and at the Modern Greek Institute (Sorbonne, Paris IV). She also holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Philology of the University of Thessaloniki (1988). She has previously taught at the Hellenic Open University and at the Universities of  Crete and Ioannina.  She was a  literary critic at the periodical Anti (1984-1987) and she is now member of  the Greek Society of Comparative Literature and the Society of  Greek Writers.

Her books include Literature and Politics in between the two Vorld Wars. Left Literary Revues (=Λογοτεχνία και Πολιτική στο Μεσοπόλεμο. Τα περιοδικά της Αριστεράς), Kastaniotis 1996, It' s Rainning in this Dream (=Βρέχει σ΄αυτό το όνειρο), Kastaniotis 1996, K.G. Karyotiakis. The Resistance of an Indipendant Art (Κ. Γ. Καρυωτάκης. Η αντοχή μιας αδέσποτης τέχνης), Kastaniotis 2000 (National Prize 2000),  Petros Pikros, The Limits and the Trangression of Naturalism (Πέτρος Πικρός. Tα όρια και η υπέρβαση του νατουραλισμού, 2006, Dora Rozetti, Her mistress Ντόρας Ρωζέττη, Η ερωμένη της (philological edition and  essay), Metaichmio 2005. She also edited and wrote introductions for three literary books of  Petros Pikros:  Cursed Bodies, When we become human, Tubeki (=Χαμένα κορμιά, Σα θα γίνουμε άνθρωποι, Τουμπεκί), all published by Agra in 2009-2010. 

Research Interests: Aestetics and politics, Literary critisism, Decadence (Literature), Naturalism, Modernism, Avant-gard, History of  Literature, Comparative Literature