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Department of Modern Greek

Office 605, 6th floor
Tel.: +30 210 7277 621, +30 210 7277 622
FAX: +30 210 7277 622
e-mail: tonephil[AT]phil.uoa.gr


Stefanos Kaklamanis, Modern Greek Philology stkaklamanis[at]phil.uoa[dot]gr



Dimitrios Angelatos, Modern Greek Philology - Theory of Literature

Euripides Garantoudis, Modern Greek Philology

Christina Dounia, Professor Modern Greek Philology

Assistant Professors

Thanasis Agathos, Modern Greek Philology

Lito Ioakimidou, Comparative Philology

Peggy Karpouzou, Theory of Literature

Tina Lentari, Modern Greek Philology

Yannis Xourias, Modern Greek Philology

Maria Rota, Modern Greek Philology