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of Ancient Greek Literature



Department of Philology (Division of Classical Philology)National & KapodistrianUniversityofAthensPanepistimioupoli – A. Ilisia   157 84 Athens, Greece                                        
Τel.: +30-210-7277616



  • Greek Tragedy, Greek Lyric Poetry, Pre-platonic and Platonic Poetics, Aristotle’s Poetics, Plato.


  • 1975, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, B.A. (Law)
  • 1979, University of Toronto (Canada), Μ.Α. (Classics)
  • 1992, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, Ph.D. (Classical Philology)[Dissertation: Mythos and Logos in Sophocles, Athens, Ed. Kardamitsa, 1996]


  • 2017-        : University of Athens, Professor (Department of Philology, Div. of Classical Philology)
  • 2007-2017: University of Athens, Associate Professor (Department of Philology, Div. of Classical Philology)
  • 2000-2007: University of Athens, Assistant Professor (Department of Philology, Div. of Classical Philology)
  • 1994-1999: University of Athens, Lecturer (Department of Philology, Div. of Classical Philology)
  • 1980-1994: University of Athens, Assistant instructor  (Department of Philology, Div. of Classical Philology)
  • 1978-1979: University of Toronto (Canada), Assistant instructor (Department of Classics) 



  1. Aristotles Symposion or On Drunkness. The surviving fragments, introduction, tranls. and notes [=Αριστοτέλους Συμπόσιον ή Περί μέθης. Τα σωζόμενα αποσπάσματα, με εισαγωγή, μετάφραση και σχόλια], Athens, Εκδόσεις του Εικοστού Πρώτου, 1992 [in Greek]. 
  2. Mythos and Logos in Sophocles, Athens, Ed. Kardamitsa, 1996 [in Greek]Sophocles’Ajax, introduction-translation Εν Κύκλω, Athens,  Εκδόσεις του Εικοστού Πρώτου, 1998 [in Greek].
  3. Sophocles’Ajax, introduction-translation En Kyklō, Ekdoseis tou Eikostou Protou, Athens, 1998 [in Greek].
  4. Plato’s Ion, introduction & commentary by M. J. Yossi, transl. D. Spatharas, Athens, Εκδόσεις του Εικοστού Πρώτου, 1998 [in Greek].
  5. Aristotle 's POET1CS: An Annotαted Bibliography 1955-1975, M. J. Yossi- Alexandra Melista, ΠΑΡΟΥΣIΑ, Monograph series No 45,Athens 1998 [in English].
  6. Euripides’Heracles, with introduction, translation and notes, Athens, Ed. Smili, (2009) [in Greek].
  7. Exaisioi Gelōtes. Laughter in Ancient Greek Literature, edited by M.J. Yossi and Alexandra Melista (Athens, Smili Publications, 2017). In this Anthology of over 150 passages from Homer to the 2nd c. A.D., I contribute with translations and interpretative essays on a selection of fragments from Ancient Greek Lyric, as well as on a selection of passages from Plato’s Charmides, Theages, Gorgias, Theatetus, Philebus and Nomoi.



  1. “Aristotle’s περιπέτεια: An approach to Poetics 11.1452a 22-29” [as M. Kassos]*, Παρουσία, vol. 3 (1985) 49-59 [in Greek with summary in English ].
  2. “Corinna fr. 654 PMG: Archaic or A Case for Metamorphosis”, in Acta. First Panhellenic and International Conference on Ancient Greek Literature (23-26 May 1994), ed. by J.-Th. Papademetriou, Athens, Hellenic Society for Humanistic Studies, studies and Researches No 38 (1997) 167-186 [in Greek with summary in English ].
  3. τεθνάκην δἀδόλως θέλω: Fragments of erotic (?) discourse. Sappho, fr. 94 V.”, in The poetess Sappho and Leukatas, Papers of the XIIth International Symposium (Leukas 27-29 July 2007), Etaireia Leukadikon Meleton, Athens (2008) 25-34 [in Greek].
  4. δεῦρο σὺν αὐλητῆρι. Sympotic Poetics in the Theognidian corpus”, in Αντιφίλησις. Studies on Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek  Literature and Culture in Honour of John-Theophanes A. Papademetriou, edited by Eleni Karamaengou and Eugenia Makrygianni, Stuttgart 2009,  99-106 [in Greek with summary in English ].
  5. “Mirroring Bacchae” in Parabasis (The Journal of the Department of Theatre Studies, Univ. of Athens), v. 13, 1 (2015) 71-80 [in English with a summary in Greek]
  6. “Landscapes of memory and imagination in Sappho or Gardens”[«Τοπία της μνήμης και της φαντασίας στη Σαπφώ ή Κήποι»], The Books’Journal 64 (March 2016): 24-25
  7. «ὦ σῶμ’ ἀτίμως κἀθέως ἐφθαρμένον: Ακραίες εκφορές σώματος στην αρχαία τραγωδία» [“ὦ σῶμ’ ἀτίμως κἀθέως ἐφθαρμένον: Tragic bodies”, περ. ΣΚΗΝΗ  (ΑΠΘ), τ. 9 (2017) https://ejournals.lib.auth.gr/skene [in Greek with summary in English ].
  8. “Human rights and Greek Tragedy” [«’Ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα’ και αρχαία ελληνική τραγωδία”], in  Ε. Papadodima (ed.), Αρχαίο δράμα και λαϊκή ηθική [Ancient Drama and Popular Morality], Academy of Athens, Research Centre of Greek and Latin Literature, Athens 2019, pp. 49-84.


Editorial work

  • C. Η. Whitman, Euripides and the Full Circle of Myth [1974] =Ο Ευριπίδης και ο κύκλος του Μύθου, ed. M. J. Yossi, transl. Ev. Thomadaki, Athens, Ekdoseis tou Eikostou Protou 1996.
  • Editor of the series ΟΨΕΙΣ, Ekdoseis tou Eikostou Protou, Athens 1997-1999, with the following titles:
  1.   ΑΡΙΣΤΟΤΕΛΗΣ. Περὶ Ἐνυπνίων και Περὶ τῆς καθ' ὕπνoν μαντικής (introduction, translation and commentary A. Melista)
  2.   ΓΟΡΓΙΑΣ. Ἑλένης Ἐγκώμιον (introduction, translation and notes A. Tatsi & D. Spatharas)
  3.   ΣΟΦΟΚΛΗΣ. Αίας (introduction, translation En Kyklo
  4.   ΠΛΑΤΩΝΟΣ Ἴων (introduction and commentary M. J. Yossi – translation D. Spatharas)
  5.   ΕΜΠΕΔΟΚΛΗΣ. Περὶ Φύσεως (introduction, translation and notes A. Lalou – P. Skarsouli).
  • Thelxis. Fifteen essays on Sappho, edited by M. J. Yossi, D. Kiousi and A. Tatsi, Athens, Ed. Smili, 2004 
  • EXAISIOI GELOTES. Laughter in Ancient Greek Literature, edited by M. J. Yossi and A. D. Melista, Athens, Ed. Smili, 2017



  1. Α. ANDREWES, The Greek Tyrants = Η Τυραννία στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα, Αθήνα, εκδ. Καρδαμίτσα, 1982
  2. J.-L. BACKÈS, Le Mythe dHélène [1984] = Ο Μύθος της Ελένης, Αθήνα, εκδ. Μεγάρου Μουσικής Αθηνών, 1993        
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  5. J.-P. VERNANT, Mythe et religion en Grèce ancienne [1990] =  Μύθος και Θρησκεία στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα, Αθήνα, εκδ. Σμίλη, 2000
  6. Euripides’Heracles. A Modern Greek translation of Euripides’play for the 2002 production of the National Theatre of Northern Greece inEpidaurus (and in various other ancient theatres inGreece). Directed by Andrej Serban.
  7. J.-P. VERNANT, Entre Mythe et Politique [1995] = Ανάμεσα στον μύθο και την πολιτική,  Αθήνα, εκδ. Σμίλη 2003.
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  9. R. PALMISCIANO, “Lamento funebre, culto delle Muse e attese escatologiche in Saffo (con una verifica su Archiloco)” [1998] =b«Νεκρικός θρήνος, λατρεία των Μουσών και εσχατολογικές προσδοκίες στη Σαπφώ (με μια επαλήθευση στον Αρχίλοχο)», transl. M.Yossi- A. Tatsi in M. J. Yossi- D. Kiousi – A. Tatsi (eds), Thelxis. Fifteen essays on Sappho, Athens, Ed. Smili (2004) 354-388
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  11. Qu’est-ce qu’on ne sait pas ? Les Rencontres philosophiques de l’Unesco [1995] = Τι δεν γνωρίζουμε; Φιλοσοφικές συναντήσεις της ΟΥΝΕΣΚΟ, transl. M. J. Yossi- A. Tatsi, Athens, Ed. Smili, 2006
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  13. L. COULOUBARITSIS, La Physique dAristote [Τα Φυσικά του Αριστοτέλη], Αθήνα, ΚΕΕΦ, Ακαδημία Αθηνών 2012



  • ΠΑΣΙΦΑΗ, Δέκα Ποιήματα, Αθήνα 1981 (εκτός εμπορίου)*
  • ΤΟΠΙΟ ΚΑΤΑΒΑΣΗΣ, Αθήνα 1985*
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  • ΧΑΜΗΛΟΣ ΟΥΡΑΝΟΣ, Αθήνα, εκδ. Οδός Πανός. 2006


* In some of the above documents or publications (up to 1987) I sign as M. Kassos.