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Teaching of Greek as a Second/Foreign Language

The Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme for the Teaching of Greek as a Second/Foreign Language has been running at the School of Philosophy since 1993. The only programme internationally with this specific aim, it is run jointly by the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, and more specifically by the Departments of Linguistics and Pedagogy respectively.

The Postgraduate Programme forms part of the Interdepartmental Programme for the Teaching of Greek as a Foreign Language, which was founded in 1993 and which also runs the School of Greek as a Foreign Language.

This two-year/four semester course at the Master's level provides teacher training based on a thorough theoretical grounding in Applied Linguistics, the linguistic analysis of Greek and general pedagogical principles as well as intensive practical training. The practical training takes place mostly at the School of Greek as a Foreign Language, although there are other opportunities, including the annual summer internship at the Harvard University Center for Hellenic Studies at Nafplion.

Graduates of the Programme are highly employable both in Greece and abroad; a number is absorbed by the School of Greek as a Foreign Language.

The Programme is addressed to graduates of Faculties of Greek Studies of any university in Greece or abroad; graduates of Faculties or Departments of Philology or their equivalents (Language and Literature) are favoured because of their greater specialization in language-related topics, but a good performance in the entrance exams eliminates this bias.

The entrance exam takes place yearly, normally in the beginning of October; an announcement is uploaded onto the webpage in late spring, announcing the number of available places (never more than twenty), the deadline for submission, the necessary paperwork and the date of the examination. The written exam is followed by an interview of those candidates who obtained passing grades. Classes normally start on or around the 15th of October and are taught by members of the Department of Linguistics (which has the main responsibility for the running of the Programme), the Department of Pedagogy and several members of the other Language and Literature Faculties of the School of Philosophy.

Press here for a list of subjects taught during the course.

For more information please contact Ms. Theodora Papadopoulou at thpapad@phil.uoa.gr. Tel. no. (+30) 210 727 7968