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Panaretou Eleni

Associate Professor 


School of Philosophy, Office 601, University Campus at Zografou,157-84 - Athens, Greece

e-mail: epanar@phil.uoa.gr , Τηλ.: +30 210 727 7647

Personal Webpage

Curriculum Vitae


Research interests

  • Text Linguistics-Discourse Analysis
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Language of the law-Forensic Linguistics


Undergraduate courses

  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • Linguistic Stylistics
  • Text Linguistics-Discourse Analysis

Postgraduate courses

  • Cognitive linguistics



  • 2005. Panaretou, E. Laws and Legal Rules. Linguistic and textual Features. Athens. Parousia 61.
  • 2009. Panaretou, E. Legal Discourse. Athens. Papazisis.
  • 2011. Panaretou, E. Issues on Cognitive Linguistics. Athens. Papazisis.


  • 2012. Panaretou, E. «Results of the 1976 language reform on institutional discourse: critical analysis-suggestions. (http://ins.web.auth.gr.)
  • 2006. Panaretou, Ε. Textual sub-genres:” In: D. Goutsos, Α. Bakakou-Orfanou, S. Coutsoulelou, Ε. Panaretou (eds.): The world of texts. Studies dedicated to George Babiniotis. Athens: Ελληνικά Γράμματα, 127-139. 
  • 2011. Mozer, A & E. Panaretou: “Why a mother’s rule is not a law: the role of context in the interpretation of Greek laws. In: Fetzer, A. & E. Oishi (eds.): Context and Contexts. Parts meet whole? Amsterdam: Benjamin, 11-40.
  • 2009. Moser, Α.& Ε. Panaretou. «Tense, aspect and modality in legal texts». In: G. Giannakis, Μ. Baltazani, G. Xidopoulos, Τ. Τsagalidis. ICGL. 8th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, 1013-26 (cd-rom)
  • 2008. Panaretou, Ε. «Specification in texts». In: Α. Μoser, Α. Bakakou-Orfanou, Ch.. Charalabakis, D. Chila-Markopoulou (eds.): «Γλώσσης χάριν». Volume Τόμος dedicated by the Department of Linguistics to George Babiniotis. Athens: Ελληνικά Γράμματα, 430-444.