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Linguistics Courses for 1st and 2nd Semester

Semester 1

ΦΦΓ01:  Introduction to Linguistics

The course provides an introduction to the object, basic principles, methods and branches of linguistics. In particular, it is concerned with how the scientific study of language differs from simply commenting on language, as well as with the biological, social, historical and cultural aspects and the polysemy of the notion “language”. Human language, as a semiotic system, is contrasted with other systems of communication and the language of animals. Language variety is analyzed, along with notions such as style, the distinction between langue and parole and the synchronic vs. the diachronic approach to language. Lastly, the basic levels of language as a system are introduced, along with the branches of phonetics-phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics, as well as such fields as feminist linguistics, lexicography etc.

• Tutors: Amalia Moser & Eleni Panaretou 

Semester 2 

ΦΦΓ02: Historical Linguistics: Introduction to Indo-European  Linguistics -History of Greek 

Introduction to Historical-Comparative Linguistics. Pre-scientific linguistics.
Theoretical bases and methods of Historical-Comparative Linguistics (Language Change, external/comparative and internal reconstruction, sound laws). The notion of ‘genetic relatedness of languages’ and of ‘language family’. The Indo-European language family. Origin/ancestry, prehistory and early history of the Greek language: Indo-European, Proto-Greek, Pre-Greek language(s). Periods of the history of Greek. Pre-alphabetic scripts. The Greek alphabet. The dialectal breakup of Ancient Greek. The Ancient Greek dialects and their use in the ancient Greek literature. The development of Greek in the Hellenistic-Roman, Medieval and Modern periods: Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Lexicon. External history of the Greek language.

• Tutors: Nikolaos Pantelidis